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be braver with managed website and email hosting based in the UK

Running your own business is hard enough. Save your time: We have your back! Let us take care of the complicated and time-consuming “stuff” like domains, SSL, email and web hosting for you and your clients. We are trusted since 1999.

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FREE Test Sites

No extra costs. Every paid website comes with FREE test sites! Develop your sites to your heart’s content easily and quickly. Why go for complicated local set-ups, when we can easily move a test to a live site for you?

We do it for you

Like an extra pair of techie hands. Control panels are boring. Also, they are a waste of time compared with our responsive chat and email service that just does stuff for you. Easy, convenient and quick - includes free migrations.

Transparent pricing

Always fair. Enhance your business value with our value added services! We don't have hidden costs and our prices are always transparent, so you know what to budget for without unexpected surprises.

If you don't know your CMS from your GIT, you need our services.

If you speak a bit of geek, we are also happy to talk to you in more detail too: we speak your language!

Works with your favourite Content Management System

All known CMS systems supported (need to run on Linux)

We are WordPress specialists, and support other CMS like Typo3, Drupal or Joomla too. If you want to set up your own - you're welcome!

Use Version Control to easily manage your code

Use version control to update your webspace instead of just FTPing.

Besides SCP/SFTP/SSH, there is GIT as a convenient tool to update your website(s) from afar easily. Not sure why? Let us clue you in why version controlling your code if a great way to manage a site.

What our fantastic customers say

“My business relies on my websites being available and fast loading. be braver is always there when I need them and they take away all the technical aspects for me, so I can focus on being successful.”

Jo Travers
Jo Travers-Watts Dietitian The London Nutritionist

“Axel and be braver have been hosting my projects/websites since the early 2000s and I cannot think of a place that's offering the same value, let alone a fabulous customer experience. Danke!”

Holger Oppermann
Holger Oppermann DJ, Producer & Promoter Fundbureau

“Thank you for helping me reduce risk by offering free test websites. Not having to mess about with local sites speeds up my workflow. be braver are always there when I need them.”

Jessica Lovegood
Jessica Lovegood User Experience Consultant Lovegood Digital

Batteries included

Our managed web hosting plans come with everything you need to grow your business.

Unlimited traffic

Bandwidth x users = no money paid extra

We don't charge you for success. We will always give you as much bandwidth as possible and stop bad guys (and girls) from abusing it.

Personal contact

Actual humans instead of control panels

Why pay to speak to a bot? Or worse, a help site? We talk like real, actual humans to you and try to avoid tech-talk (unless you fancy it, then we'll do it - no problems). Just chat or email and we'll get on the case.

Performance build-in

Do you really care about CPU this or RAM that?

Many web hosts show you big tables with lots of techie things to compare and feel good about. Ultimately this is meaningless and we will give you as much power as possible all of the time. Need even more? No problem, just add extra.

Safely backed-up

We've got your back

Don't pay for something that should be part of the service. With us, you can rest assured that daily backups are taken and securely kept so you can revert to a previous version if things get messed up for some reason.

Reliable operation

Avoiding downtime, all the time

Good to know you can go back to previous versions of a site. We also like to make sure sites are available always and have paranoid-level plans that keep your stuff online.

Securely Encrypted

No peeking allowed

Hackers can be horrible, especially when they deface your customer's site or run off with your data. We encrypt as much as possible, keep sensitive data it in the UK and EU to comply with the rules.

FREE SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates included for all your sites

We can provide certificates that work in all browsers, provided free of charges via the Let's Encrypt initiative. Why pay for something you should get for free?

FREE Cloudflare Protection

Included and set-up for you

Cloudflare hosts your website's addresses only (nameservers) and DNS details, as well as optimise performance and protect it from the bad guys (and girls).

FREE Email Account

Basic email is free with all websites

We run our own mail server with contact and calendar, so you don't have to worry where else to put stuff safely. Upgradable to secure Protonmail, or Google Apps and Office 365.

Web Hosting Comparisons

A general overview of how our plans compare


Type of offer
Monthly cost
Number of sites included and upgrade path
Media storage
Usage limits
Support and DIY
Test or development sites and migration to live
SSL Certificates
Email account

be braver web hosting

Our managed web hosting offer
1 site, just add more sites
10% off for more than 10 sites
Any CMS installed for you
Faster by design
50GB+ (fair usage)
Unlimited visitors and traffic
All techie stuff done for you! Incl. configuration
Daily, securely stored backups included
FREE test sites included and moved from test to live for you
FREE SSL certificates included and set-up for you
FREE Email account (4GB, 5 aliases)

Managed Virtual Private Server

A typical Virtual Private Server (VPS)
1 site, add more VPS or extend capacity
No price breaks
Install it yourself
Limited by VPS resources and configuration
Limited by traffic
Do everything yourself
May not be included
Set-up and migrate yourself
Buy and install yourself
not included

Reseller Web Hosting

Average UK reseller web hosting
"Unlimited" sites or extend deal
Fixed price
One-click installers chosen for you
Shared, high-volume, low-speed
"unlimited" or specified storage
Unlimited yet throttled traffic
Managed for you
May not be available
Set-up and migrate yourself
Buy and install yourself
not included

Wordpress Web Hosting

Application specific web hosting
1 site, upgrade package deal (min buy)
Package deals (min spend)
Shared performance
Limited by traffic or visitors
Basic updates
May need to be scheduled
Not available (in most cases), set-up and migrate yourself
Buy and install yourself
not included

Take our comparison with a pinch of salt - this is to get our value proposition across and is not aimed to be scientific. The web hosting market is complex and we are happy to answer any questions you may have when comparing offers. We will be open and honest at all times and happily admit to it when we cannot do something. Generally, we aim to offer the best value for money - not necessarily be the lowest priced.

Most managed providers - in which we include reseller hosting plans - will offer something 'unlimited', which sounds great until you discover the performance is pants or the site won't load at all just when you need it most. Or backups are only taken once a week (if at all). Or that you are limited in ways you never imagined: like having to buy their SSL certificates, which could be free and even installed for you with our offer.

Unlimited means ‘as much as we feel is fair’; connections is usually throttled and if you fall foul of their ‘fair usage policy’ you will be asked to upgrade or leave.

Service menu

It's a pricing table really, but menu sounds more delicious don't you think?


A straightforward web hosting plan that lets you grow.
£29 per month / site
You can add as many sites as you like and pay conveniently month by month. Save money by adding 10 or more sites and get 10% off the total.
1 Website (upgradable to as many as you like)
✔ All techie stuff done for you
✔ 3 FREE Test sites (per site)
✔ FREE SSL certificates (incl. install)
✔ FREE Email account (4GB space, 5 aliases, upgradable)
At least 10 GB storage space per site
Unlimited visitors / traffic
Basic SLA (email, chat support)


For big agencies, charities and corporates
From £399 per month / cluster
Your own, dedicated high-availability environment and service level agreements (SLA) tailored to your needs. We aim to provide better value for money.
Cost per cluster (from £399), >50 sites or more
✔ All techie stuff done for you
✔ As many FREE test sites as you like
✔ FREE SSL certificates (incl. install)
✔ FREE Email account, upgradable to managed Office 365
At least 500 GB protected storage
Unlimited visitors / traffic
Bespoke SLA (email, phone, chat support)

Payment by PayPal subscription using your debit or credit card only. Sign-ups go via the PayPal website and all personal data is kept with them, while we only see your name, email and what you have bought. You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will refund you in full if you decide to cancel within 14 days. If you have any issues, please email [email protected] stating any errors or messages from PayPal you may encounter, so we can resolve any issues quickly. Please note that PayPal operates a strict service, which complies with abuse and money laundering regulations in the UK and Europe. Your payment may be subject to delays.

Managed email options

We provide a range of managed email solutions to suit your needs.

FREE Email

Included account with every managed web hosting account.
The free account is limited to one per website hosted with us and can be upgraded to additional accounts or managed Microsoft Exchange Office 365.
1 IMAP/POP3/SMTP Account
✔ Works on any device and email software
✔ Set-up and migration help included
5 aliases included
4GB space included
Basic SLA during office hours

Basic Email

Add additional basic email accounts to your managed web hosting plan.
£3 per month / account
Basic, paid IMAP/POP3 account with SMTP and mobile access.
1 IMAP/POP3/SMTP Account
✔ Works on any device and email software
✔ Set-up and migration help included
5 aliases included
4GB space included
Basic SLA during office hours
Payment options

Microsoft Exchange Outlook

Managed Microsoft Exchange Office 365 Business Essentials. Great for business users, which includes Office 365 online and 1TB OneDrive cloud storage.
£7.02 per month / account
Professional email service with Outlook and mobile access, which can easily be upgraded (at additional cost) to include Dynamics CRM and other add-ons to help grow your business.
1 Microsoft Exchange Office 365 Account
✔ All techie stuff done for you
✔ Set-up and migration help included
✔ Office 365 Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
✔ 1TB OneDrive Cloud file storage, sync and sharing
Support and billing via be braver (Basic SLA during office hours)
Payment options

Payment by subscription using your debit or credit card only. You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will refund you in full if you decide to cancel within 14 days.

Who are be braver?

be braver Ltd is a privately owned and operated business without any ties to investors or third parties that pull our strings. We have been helping agencies and freelance professionals with their websites, domains, emails and related things since 1999.

We offer a range of digital service, including managed web and email hosting to small businesses, freelancers and social enterprises in the UK and Europe

Our services encompass design, development and marketing, which may not sound like much, but in each of those is actually everything you'll ever need. We don't do gimmicks, or silly stuff, we do what we know works.

“I wanted people like me to have it easier after seeing how much frustration technical issues can make. Control panels and mass automation are not the answer when you are running your own business and don't have the benefit of a large IT department. I want you to be braver and give you something you can rely on and someone that speaks your language.”

Axel Segebrecht