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Instead of hiring a temp or contractor for your project or on-going work, what if you could get a team for about the same cost?

There would always be someone to take your call, you would have a broad yet deep skill set working for you, and everything could be done conveniently and quickly.

We've experienced both sides of this setup, and we know the team get the best results.

Design, development and marketing doesn't sound like much, but in each of those is actually everything you'll ever need. We don't do gimmicks, or silly stuff, we do what we know works.


Any and all visual work, prototyping, wireframing, user interfaces, information architecture, and user experience design. We also do user research, product testing, and consultation.


Anything from websites in Sitecore, SharePoint and WordPress to fully bespoke websites, plus managed web and email hosting to match. We can create personalised email and text message campaigns, measure success and much more for you.


Brand strategy, SEO, content marketing, copywriting, proofreading, editing, social media advertising and marketing to media and advertising planning, purchasing and management.

The University of Northampton
Richmond, The American International University in London
De Montford University
The University of Northampton
Richmond, The American International University in London
De Montford University


The co-founders started working together on a truly epic higher education project over a period of 2 years. It was what you call a large scale digital transformation. During this time we put everything into the project to enable the university to succeed, but found we faced the same problems over and over again:

Nothing could be done quickly enough, nothing was worth its cost and suppliers claimed expertise yet never helped stakeholders to understand.

We decided it just wasn't good enough, and set out to do something different - provide valuable services with real results and be a part of your business, not just a supplier.

This means we can apply a broad set of skills to any project, whilst being able to adapt to changes as we go. We like to get things done.



Axel Segebrecht

Find out more about Axel

Digital Marketing Solution Architect · Digital Strategy · Technology Advisor · Business Change


Jessica Lovegood

Find out more about Jess

User Experience · Design · Front-end Development · Problem Solver


Jack McDaniel

Find out more about Jack

Creative and Conceptual Copywriting · Proofreading · Quality Control · Storyteller


Website Design · User Interface · Graphic Design · Coding from Scratch


If we said you can avoid the typical frustrations of ‘changing technology’ and stay focused on your future, without interruption, that would be pretty interesting, wouldn’t it?

We want you to get the best results, but we also get that time equals money. That’s why we spend the appropriate time on you and your project to get things right and the way they really need to be, so there's none of that having to think about 'fixes and solutions' later on.

At be braver we believe that spending real time doing something properly doesn’t mean your costs go up, if anything, it means they go down; long-term. We don’t offer you the latest gimmicks, or look for a fast exit once we’ve completed your projects. We’re here to make sure you’ve always got what you need so you simply don’t have to think about it. Stuff that's built to last.

Plus, because we don’t have any shareholders to think about, it means we can put employees and customers first; really take the time to understand what you need and develop real relationships.

This unique ability allows us to really focus on your path in the digital world, and let's you explore everything we can offer you. This is actually what we’re all about, and it’s what motivated be braver to come to fruition.

Come and find out more.



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